Family Law


Brousseau Naftis & Massingill's family law attorneys utilize a cooperative and compassionate approach when helping families deal with unique situations that are often emotionally charged. We use our best efforts to develop solutions in our client's best interest with minimal conflict. However, if litigation becomes necessary to protect our client's interest, our attorneys have the experience necessary to litigate matters in family law courts.


We help you with a variety of matters relating to families, including:


Divorce: Our attorneys handle both contested and uncontested divorces.


Child Custody: We will help you develop a custody arrangement and parenting plan that works best for your family and is in your children's best interest, while minimizing the emotional anxieties common in these situations.


Child Support: Our attorneys will work closely with you and ensure that the proper amount of child support is timely paid.


Spousal Support: We will assist you in matters concerning spousal support.


Property Divisions: Our firm has relationships with several forensic accountants and consultants with whom we will work in order to achieve an equitable distribution of the community estate based on a proper valuation and tracing

of assets.


Premarital, Post-Marital and Cohabitation Agreements: Couples are more commonly entering into premarital and post-marital agreements. In addition, when marriage is not contemplated or available, partners are using cohabitation agreements to define the property rights and debt obligations of each partner in the relationship. Our attorneys have vast experience in negotiating, drafting and defending these types of agreements.


Post-Judgment Modifications: Life brings changes and often child custody and child support orders require modification. Our attorneys will help you modify your existing orders accordingly.


Adoption: We can assist you in formalizing adoption proceedings.




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